Whatever You Are Considering, Think Greater

The pressures arising from calls for by savvy traders will undoubtedly increase the tempo and proportion of AI startups that willingly or not will opt to dive headfirst into the AI ethics realm. Likewise, the specter of lawsuits and prosecution for criminal acts as a result of violating the newly being enacted AI-related legal guidelines will certainly inspire AI startups to get their act together on Moral AI issues.

Folks who have depraved hearts lack spirituality, the ability to respond to God. They can not hear God’s whispering voice, see his revelation and know his amazing love and saving grace. They are in darkness and spiritually lifeless. They’re individuals of spiritual poverty. These individuals of spiritual poverty may typically be in social poverty, which keeps them in broken relationships with different folks.

The scriptwriting AI may not be ready for the movie circuit, but it seemed to follow within the footsteps of AlphaGo whose gorgeous victory in Korea already revealed AI’s capability for artistic intelligence. While none of the machines have made their mark as filmmakers or musicians yet, it isn’t for lack of making an attempt.

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