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That is a major beneath-sea cable link venture with a capacity of 2.56Tbits/sec on trans-oceanic segments.There are 76 countries involved in this undertaking. The project’s first section is predicted to be accomplished in 2003. The challenge is in the development stage. The chief characteristic of this project is nearly 90% of international telecommunications visitors is expected to be dealt with by this. There are to be three network administration centers which can handle this community.The capability of OXYGEN Community shall be 320 Gbit/s per fiber pair. The long-haul links will every have eight fiber pairs at the utmost. Thus each of these hyperlinks within the community will probably be able to carrying 256 STM-sixty four visitors streams. [ oxygen99] 4.Three STARTAP

(iii) Any tools, or operation of a vessel or onshore or offshore facility which is topic to the authority and control of the U.S. Division of Transportation or the U.S. Division of the Inside, as outlined within the Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Administrator of EPA, dated November 8, 1993 (appendix B of this part).

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