Type: One-Half Acrylic Elastomeric Base Coating

Use: TopGard Base Coat is used over a wide range of substrates, including smooth and mineral surfaced asphalt-based roofing systems and single ply. It provides outstanding bleed-blocking over sizzling asphalt, asphalt emulsion programs, and each modified and built-up roofing techniques. TopGard Base Coat should be used as a base coat in concert with TopGard 4000 or TopGard 5000.

– Up-entrance and trustworthy pricing

– Substitute of as much as 15 tiles

– Replacement of more than 15 tiles at $10/per tile

– Full Roof Evaluation Included with Images

– No estimate needed!

– Actual or Close-Match to your home’s current tile

– Identical or Subsequent Day Service Available

– Some Restrictions Apply

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The method utilized by cleaners involves applying cleansing solution and low pressure washing and makes the roof freed from moss and algae right away. Moreover, you might ask servicemen to make use of eco-pleasant cleaners, which preserve the good state of roof tiles and Bâchage de toiture remove stains and development utterly without harming the atmosphere.

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