Muse Makes Bizarre Music Video With AI And Found Footage

Synthetic intelligence is all around the place today, predicting our ideas, defending our crops, enjoying video games and even generating adorably weird pickup traces. British band Muse is getting in on the act now with a new AI-generated music video that pulls internet video footage of celebrities, politicians and artists to match the lyrics to the hit track, “Dig Down.” The end result appears like even more political than the unique video, which explores the results of expertise within a media-fueled cyberpunk dystopia.

The Energy Sciences network is a global scientific collaborative community. It is an ATM spine network. It is one of the major networks that interconnect the American networks and the Asian and European networks. The newest pace achieved by the ESnet is OC-12. The analysis activities of the ESnet are IPv6 , 6Bone Backbone Participation , Class Based mostly Queuing (CBQ), High quality of Service (QoS) and Virtual Networks. [ esnet99]NLANR

“Breast density is an unbiased threat issue that drives how we talk with women about their most cancers risk. Our motivation was to create an correct and consistent software, that may be shared and used throughout well being care techniques,” says MIT PhD scholar and second creator on the mannequin’s paper, Adam Yala. “It takes lower than a second per picture … [and could be] easily and cheaply scaled throughout hospitals.” The researchers now plan on exploring how the algorithm can be transitioned into different hospitals, and the way it can be utilized in different healthcare purposes.

Known as generative AI, the applications use data-intensive AI capabilities like deep studying and neural networks to recognize underlying patterns in different types of books, articles, pictures, drawings and paintings gathered from a massive collection of digital sources. Primarily based on keyword prompts, generative AI platforms can then mimic these sources to produce fanciful stories and photos of their very own.

After smashing up the Feminine Lawyer of the 12 months gala last week, Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany) finds herself in superpower supermax. Luckily her legal chums, led by Mallory Guide, safe her a plea deal. Wearing an inhibitor that stops her transformations (the same deal as Emil Blonsky), Jen loses Hulk powers, her job and her home.

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